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Myanmar language is some wrong, i want to help you.

Ngnuchaung Thar 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 1
Under review

Sanzang Translation Machine & Cooperation

Nuno Castro (Unrul3r) 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 3
A while ago, I found a website which has some translated discourses from the Taishō Tripiṭaka, it also has a translation machine called Sanzang and an online translation tool built from it which is useful and seems promising. Since the staff here is intending to implement the Chinese Āgama literature onto SuttaCentral, I thought it might be useful if I shared this here for a possible cooperation with the site's maintainer. Maybe it might be possible to help English-only readers by integrating a dictionary similar to the Pāḷi one. If this specific idea is not possible due to some kind of constraint, maybe some other kind of cooperation might, nevertheless, be possible. Contact with the website's maintainer is possible through the e-mail provided in the About page.

I hope this might be useful and could bear some kind of fruit.

Kind Regards,


William Giddings 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 1

This is a brilliant resource: wonderful content, beautifully designed, and so easy to get the information sought. A shining example of what can be achieved on the web!



Ludovic Bubner 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2
Dear Bhante,

It seems that the suttas from Itivuttaka are not published in Suttacentral. 
Am I wrong? Or simply because they do exist in the four Nikāyas already. Or... 
Under review

Will the online Pali dictionary be restored to the Pali suttas?

Starter Starter 3 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 3 years ago 1
Hello Bhante,

Thanks for the new design of the site. I wonder why I can no longer find the online Pali dictionary that could be enabled to read Pali suttas online. It was very helpful. I recommended suttaCentral to so many Dhamma practitioners, and told them the usefulness of the online Pali dictionary as well. I'm afraid that they might be disappointed that it's not here.

With gratitude and metta,



Random Suttas

Amitabha Elliott 3 years ago • updated by sujato 3 years ago 3

I really appreciate the work you have all done creating this site. I have been using Access To Insight for several years and love it. I just read the translation of the Anapanasati sutta on Sutta Central and I really appreciate the additional detail and clear translation. 

One thing I would love to see as well is a random sutta feature as there is with Access To Insight. It's such a wonderful way to discover the dhamma that I use every day. 

Just an idea that I think many would appreciate. 

Thank you Venerable Sirs

May you be safe and happy always. 

Search Results: Pagination & more

Dan C 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 1
Hi, I just tried out the search feature. I was looking for examples of a pali word I was curious about and it worked great! However, I have three suggestions for improvement.

First. On the search results page, is it possible to show ALL results and divide it into page like google? I searched for a fairly common word and it seems to have a max of 15 results.


Third. When you type in a word into the search field in the top right corner of the page, it instantaneously starts to show results. It might be helpful to have an indication there of how many total results there are such as "showing partial results of X total."

Under review

Many pages are returning errors

Saw Naw 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 2
I clicked on a few pages in the Theravada Vinaya section and they returned Python server errors. Here's just one such page out of many: http://suttacentral.net/pi/pi-tv-bu-pm#np9

A word is missing?

Ludovic Bubner 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2

Dear Bhante,

I'm reading the Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasutta in Pāli - M10. It seems that the word "matthaluṅgaṃ" or "brain" is missing between the two words: karīsaṃ and pittaṃ.
This issue can be found in the pabba: Kāya-anupassanā-paṭikūka-manasikāra-pabba. The pabba concerning the 32 parts of the body. It should be read: karīsaṃ matthaluṅgaṃ pittaṃ 

Well, it's not a big deal. But if you could update this sutta, it would be icing on the cake.





Ludovic Bubner 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2

Dear Ajahn Sujato,
I often visit this website for I'm a reader of Pali Texts in Pali... No doubt that this site is the best concerning the early Buddhist texts. Simple, straightforward, easy to use...
However, and perhaps because I'm getting old, I think that there is a lack of contrast between colours -- especially between 
grey and black. I find quite uneasy to read the texts written in grey, such as titles, heading... Perhaps also because I'm using a Mac, and the resolution is quite different from a PC. 
Well, it's not a big deal, but the icing on the cake would be to bring more contrast between colours, so the eyes could go over the texts without effort. 
Bhante, this is just a suggestion. As I just said, this website is great. 
Ludo from Taiwan