Random Suttas

Amitabha Elliott 4 years ago • updated by sujato 4 years ago 3

I really appreciate the work you have all done creating this site. I have been using Access To Insight for several years and love it. I just read the translation of the Anapanasati sutta on Sutta Central and I really appreciate the additional detail and clear translation. 

One thing I would love to see as well is a random sutta feature as there is with Access To Insight. It's such a wonderful way to discover the dhamma that I use every day. 

Just an idea that I think many would appreciate. 

Thank you Venerable Sirs

May you be safe and happy always. 
Thanks for the suggestion. We already have a "random passage" on the front page, which is intended to serve that very function. We should extend it with further selections, currwently there are about 40 or so.
Oh wonderful yes. I appreciate that. I haven't spent much time on the site and didn't realize it was a random Sutta. I really appreciate you as a teacher Bhante. 

Thank you again. 
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