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SN 56.30

KamLeong Lai 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 1

Hi, I think the sutta title should be Gavampati. Please confirm. Thanks.


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SN 56.30 Gavamapati SN v 436   en | vn | de


Query on a Chinese character.

Jayarava Attwood 3 years ago 0
I'm looking at the Chinese parallel to the Mahātaṇhāsaṅkhaya Sutta (MN 38) = MĀ 201. In the title of the text there is an archaic character expressed as  [口*荼]. In the lookup from the Chinese side if I look at MĀ 201 the sūtra is called 嗏帝. Is 口*茶 a valid substitution for  口*荼 or is this a typo? 

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Links to cbeta.org

Qianxi 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 4
Just wondering if the removal of links to Chinese texts on cbeta.org is a bug or something else.  Those links were very useful!

Otherwise the new update is looking good.

Help, please

Fara Nume 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 1

Where do I find the full text, i.e. how do I expand the "... pe ..." sections?


Hi, it seems that the downloads are not working

the adventurer 3 years ago • updated by sujato 3 years ago 3
- I tried pdf, mobi, epub etc. only downloading the entire master of github is working, but that's not I'm looking or. Pls help. Thanks.

PhpBB or vBulletin forum software.

Krooba Santeri 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 3

Maybe you could use one of those two softwares to power your feedback forum.

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Problem searching page for "nivarana"

Dan C 3 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 3 years ago 1
I'm trying to search using my browser, Safari, for the word nivarana (hindrance) on the page for DN 9 (http://suttacentral.net/pi/dn9), and it's not working. I tried the fragments "niva" and "vara" and neither shows up.

The Chinese Translation of the Pali Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasutta

Zikun Thyme 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 8

The Chinese Translation of the Pali Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasutta can be found here: 





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The Chinese Agama parallel of MN 117

Starter Starter 3 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 3 years ago 1
Dear Bhante,

Many thanks for replying to my previous inquiry/feedback. I'm very happy to see online Pali-English and Chinese-English dictionaries at Sutta Central. Great work!

While appreciating very much the very helpful listing of Chinese agama parallels on the website (which has greatly facilitated my sutta study), I happen to notice today that MA 189 is listed as the Chinese agama parallel of MN 117, and wonder if SA 785 and SA 789 can also be considered as partial parallels to MN 117. In MA 189 only one path (a kind of "hybrid" path with the supramundane right view missing) and twenty factors were actually there, although “the Great Forty” (“twenty factors on the side of the wholesome, and twenty factors on the side of the unwholesome”) was mentioned there as in MN 117. In both SA 785 and SA 789 the two paths (mundane and supramundane) similar to those in MN 117 were seen, with the four noble truths (missing in MN 117) preserved before the mentioning of the mental factors for the path factors in the supramundane path. I thought that SA 785 and SA 789 could help the readers to understand the important and controversial MN 117.

More details on the comparison can be seen at http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=22..., if interested. Some relevant discussion can also be seen at http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=82...

Your corrections and comments would be highly appreciated. 

With gratitude and metta,