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SuttaCentral new design

Sujato Bhikkhu 6 years ago • updated by Indira Fernando 4 years ago 5

How do you like our new design?


Thank you

Pháp Lưu Douglas Bachman 6 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 7

This is stunningly beautiful, and useful. Thank you. I wonder if it is designed in such a way that it could be turned into an offline resource, or even better an iPod Touch app like Access to Insight? Just an idea. Thanks.

Sujato Bhikkhu 6 years ago

Thanks so much! And congratulations on being our verst first person to leave feedback.

You've stumbled across our development version, which we are almost ready to make our main site. The URLs will change soon, so that the "New" site will become the main one.

As for making an app, yes we'd love to do that. For the next while, maybe 6 months or so, we'll focus on getting the main site to where we want it to be, with a basic mobile version. After that we'll look to an app.


How to make a donation???

Makaonte Argivo 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 1

How to make a donation???


IB Horner Vinaya

Thomas Luckett 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 2

Thank you for providing IB Horner's translation of the entire Book of Discipline as a free ebook.

I find that the PDF file and the MOBI file work fine on my devices. The EPUB file, however, is very buggy.. It won't open at all on my Nook devices. In the iBooks app on my iPad it opens, but every chapter is truncated to the first two pages. (I tried downloading it several times, with the same result each time.) I finally circumvented the problem by using Calibre to convert the downloaded MOBI file into an EPUB file, and this new EPUB file works fine on my devices.

Tom L

English translations of the Dhammapada on Sutta Central?

Ayya Dipa 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 1

I notice that there are no English translations of the Pali Dhammapada on Sutta Central?

Is it just that there aren't enough volunteers to put the English translations on Sutta Central? I know that there are several online translations of the Dhammapada.

with friendliness,

Ayya Dipa


Bug: dhammapada page links

Dan C 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 3

This page title says verses "21-32" but it stops at 29. Subsequent pages are similar.

Also the "previous page" is 383-423. The first 20 verses seem to have gone missing.

500 Internal Server Error

Henrique Capeleiro Maia 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 2
The link http://suttacentral.net/downloads only produces a 500 Internal Server Error. Just to let you know. 

And thanks for the site.
Under review

Search Results: Pagination and More

Dan C 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 11
Hi, I just tried out the search feature. I was looking for examples of a pali word I was curious about and it worked great! However, I have some suggestions for improvement.

First. On the search results page, is it possible to show ALL results and divide it into pages like google? I searched for a fairly common word and it seems to have a max of 15 results. Would also be nice to have some options for number of results per page (eg. 10, 50, 100).

Second. Could you order the results by their appearance in the Tripitaka? If you search for appamada, for example, there are results from AN and SN mixed together and numerically out of order.

Third. When you type in a word into the search field in the top right corner of the page, it instantaneously starts to show results in an overlay. It might be helpful to have an indication there of how many total results there are such as "showing partial results of X total."

Four. This is more of a nice to have. In the search results page, could you show the word and a small amount of the surrounding text for each result? Two reasons: 1) when searching through results from the SN this would make it easier to skim over repetitive uses of the word. 2) I may want to find the word used in certain combinations or contexts. And many words have multiple uses (dhamma, sankhara).

And just so you know where these requests are coming from, I'm planning to use this to find examples of pali words in context so I can better understand their meaning. I'm currently working through a pali primer by venerable Narada.

Thanks for the hard work!

language selection buttons

Sybil Fawlty 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 1

You may want to consider using buttons with the name of the laguage written in the native script instead of what is used here - ie. using a single letter of the alphabet of the language. I personally had no problem with the way it is presented but it may not be that obvious for a person who does not use the computers as much as I do.


This document lists lots of Chinese Sutta Nipata parallels

Qianxi 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 5 years ago 3

This pdf lists lots of Chinese Sutta Nipata parallels, most of them not yet listed on your site.  The intro is in Japanese but you don't need Japanese to understand the index.
Yajima, Michihiko (矢島道彦)
„Suttanipata対応句索引“ [An Index to Parallel Verses and Padas of the Suttanipata collected from Buddhist, Jain, and Brahmanical Texts]. - In:Bulletin of the Institute of Buddhist Culture, Tsurumi University. - 2 (1997), 1, S. 1-97.

URL: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110004777657 (CiNii)