Bug: dhammapada page links

Dan C 5 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 3

This page title says verses "21-32" but it stops at 29. Subsequent pages are similar.

Also the "previous page" is 383-423. The first 20 verses seem to have gone missing.
Under review
Hi Dan,

Sorry about the slow response. I think this bug has been fixed in the new site, which you can see at : http://staging.suttacentral.net/pi/dhp383-423

In fact our handling of the entire Khuddaka has not been very good up till now. Our next release will include the entire Pali text for the Khuddaka, including the late books like Milinda, as well as the Vinaya and Abhidhamma. We are working hard to make this bug free, but there's still lots to do! If you'd like to browse the staging site and let us know of any further bugs that would be great.
Just to note, the entire approach to the Dhammapada is now changed, and this is live on our staging site. We now treat the entire text as one page, which means we can create super-simple and obvious URLs to any verse: /dhp#234 means "Dhammapada verse 234." This is now unified between the Pali and English as well.