This document lists lots of Chinese Sutta Nipata parallels

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This pdf lists lots of Chinese Sutta Nipata parallels, most of them not yet listed on your site.  The intro is in Japanese but you don't need Japanese to understand the index.
Yajima, Michihiko (矢島道彦)
„Suttanipata対応句索引“ [An Index to Parallel Verses and Padas of the Suttanipata collected from Buddhist, Jain, and Brahmanical Texts]. - In:Bulletin of the Institute of Buddhist Culture, Tsurumi University. - 2 (1997), 1, S. 1-97.

URL: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110004777657 (CiNii)

Hi Qianxi,

Thanks so much, this is very useful. I will pass it on to our team.

Our coverage of the Khuddaka, and the verses in general, is very incomplete. Originally SC started as a set of parallels for the 4 nikayas/agamas. Recently I have been developing full parallels for the Vinaya; this and the Abhidhamma will be added before the end of the year. But the Khuddaka remains largely incomplete. Not for want of interest, just for lack of someone to do the work. Ideally we would develop a full database of verse parallels. This would be a huge job, but no bigger than, say the Vinaya: so far I have identified over 6000 specific instances of rules in the Bhikkhu Patimokkha alone.

As with so many other areas, much of the work has been done, but in bits and pieces, and what is needed is to pull all the data together and put it to work.

Just to say that the link to the Chinese text of DA 21 points to here http://suttacentral.net/da21/zh/ rather than the cbeta website.

On that page the large font Chinese title should perhaps be 梵動經 ('Brahmajāla sutta'), rather than 第三分梵動經第二 ('Third vagga second sutta, Brahmajāla sutta').

Anyway, the title does correspond to DA 21梵動經.  However text underneath is not that of DA 21 but of a Chinese parallel T 21 梵網六十二見經.

The Chinese dictionary function works quite well. Impressive!

Hi Qianxi,

I've been on retreat for a couple of weeks, hence the slow reply.

The DA21 text is really just a test case I threw together so we can see how the dictionary works. We are working on getting all the Chinese texts on SC, and you will see some progress on this in the next few months. I have prepared editions of the Chinese Vinaya texts based on the CBETA edition, but reorganizing everything so that it is based on logical divisions rather than juan breaks. In addition, these texts include detailed correspondences. We have another team member working on the Sutta texts, and hopefully we will see them online soon as well.