English translations of the Dhammapada on Sutta Central?

Ayya Dipa 4 years ago • updated by Sujato Bhikkhu 4 years ago 1

I notice that there are no English translations of the Pali Dhammapada on Sutta Central?

Is it just that there aren't enough volunteers to put the English translations on Sutta Central? I know that there are several online translations of the Dhammapada.

with friendliness,

Ayya Dipa

Hi Ayya,

It'll take a little time, but we'll get there! Do you have a version of the Dhammapada you'd recommend? We need something with appropriate licensing. In general, we aim to host translations that are both accurate and readable, with Bhikkhu Bodhi's work being the exemplar of this approach. Are there any digital Dhammapada translations that meet these guidelines? We'd really love to have translations of some of the other Dhammapadas, too.